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JQL Technologies, is a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave devices, including filters, isolators & circulators, directional couplers, power divider/combiners, hybrid, termination and etc. Founded in 1996, JQL Technologies Corp., designs and manufactures high performance RF/Microwave components for a wide range of applications, such as wireless, public safety, satellite and etc. JQL has design center and manufacturing facility in USA and China. With its global sales force, JQL is able to provide customer service across the world 24/7. Our track record of excellent product solutions and customer service over the past 20 years has made JQL a valuable business partner to our customer globally.

Design: Over years, JQL has developed and accumulated tremendous design solutions and know how. Our engineering and technical support team has the knowledge and experience in designing products that can meet both high performance requirements and aggressive cost targets. A lot of our designs were patented. Manufacturing: In addition to our design capability, JQL has strong production capability to deliver its products. Our lead time is among the shortest in the industry. We keep a large quantity of material in stock, so that we can build and ship our orders quickly. JQL is also vertically integrated. We produce our ferrite in house, which helps us control cost, quality, and lead time.

Global Support: Our excellent customer service is another key factor contributing to our success. We believe our customers deserve the best, and we are dedicated to providing the best business experience to them. From pre-sale to order processing, we make everything easy and efficient for our customers. We have collaborated sales force across the world, and we are able to provide customer immediate assistance in different time zone 24/7.

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Service and Quality

Custom design & prototype

JQL has strong capability of custom design and prototype products. Our R&D team provides outstanding services to quickly bring your product concepts into prototype, and turn the prototype into products. We successfully designed & built components and sub-system for many global customers. We can provide product data sheet within 48 hours of the customer request, and delivery samples as quick as 3 days. Our typical prototype lead time is 2-4 weeks.

ODM & contract manufacturing

JQL has rich experiences in OEM industry. We started our business as contract manufacturer for many global brands, and our sophisticated management system has been build to facilitate our OEM and contract manufacturing business and customers. Our excellent reputation of being the best partner to our OEM customers is the result of the professional management and consistent performance.

Quality Control

JQL is committed to providing products and service that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. At JQL, each employee is committed to this goal. JQL’s corporate quality policy is to continually improve product performance and customer service by better design, better manufacturing process, better supplier chain management and better quality control. We have established quality system and procedures to achieve this. Different quality control points, such as IQC, IPQC, FQC, FQA, OQC have been implemented to ensure the quality of material, process, assembly, testing, packaging and shipping. All products are manufactured by ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 certified facilities. Our quality system has been consistent audited internally and externally by our customers. Our quality control highlights include:

1. Heavy investment in testing equipment

JQL has been investing heavily on testing equipment to make sure that key measurement can be measured precisely. In addition to the most commonly used inspection tools and gauges, JQL also owns advanced equipments such as X ray Rohs material tester, X-Ray electrical plating thickness tester, temperature shocking station, ICT, Anechoic chamber , PIM testing station, power testing station, vibration station.

2. Traceability:

JQL has development special software to manage material batches so that all material can be traceable by batch. Bar code system has been adopted and integrated with our ERP/MES system. All material is handled through bar code scanning. Warehouse is equipped with wireless bar code scanner so that real time scanning is executed when material is moved. Our MES system can trace the operator ID for each working step, and provide real time status of production. 100% electrical testing is performed at FQA and all testing plot is saved on our server and loaded to dedicated FTP links so that customer can check the testing record 24/7. All testing record will be saved for 5 years.

3. Quality issue response:

JQL is always committed to improve itself to achieve higher goal. We take every mistake as opportunity to learn. We are extremely responsive to customer’s complaint. Led by QC department, a cross function team of engineering, quality, production, customer service is built up to identify root cause, provide corrective actions and communicate short term and long term remedies.

100% customer satisfaction Guarantee

JQL has been always focused on quality and services. Our quality guarantee is backed up with our well managed procedures is another key to high reliability and performance. At JQL, we are extremely customer centric. Our dedicated customer service team provides professional and timely assistance to our customers. Typically our service team can provide responses to general questions immediately over phone or through email, or within hours if needed. The track record of service and quality is the key to our success and we are committed to keep the good record for many years to come.

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JQL Technologies Corp.
1255 Armour Blvd., Mundelein, IL 60060 USA
Tel: 1-888-236-9828, 630-930-9917
FAX: 630-823-2902
Email: sales@jqlelectronics.com

Trade Show and Event

Event: 2024 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium
Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Dates: Sun, Jun 16, 2024 – Fri, Jun 21, 2024
Booth# 543

Important Disclaimer

Compliance with the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI)( Click here )

JQL Technologies Corporation is committed to be in compliance with the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) by provide information through the supply chain notating the mineral country of origin and smelters be used

About ITAR and ECCN

All products JQL provided are for commercial application only. JQL is committed to fulfilling its International Traffic in Arms Regulations(“ITAR”) and Export Control Classification Number (.ECCN.) responsibilities and establishing ITAR/ECCN awareness with customers and suppliers. In order to meet this commitment, all ITAR/ECCN technical data(as defined under ITAR/ECCN) sent to JQL must be specifically marked “ITAR-controlled/ECCN” in the subject line by the sender and sent only to control@jqlelectronics.com. JQL has the right to disregard any such request. In case ITAR technical data was sent to JQL without above mark, sender will resume sole responsibility of ITAR/ECCN compliance.